Throughout the day different games are played with different objectives, such as Team Battle, One in the Chamber, Medieval War, Capture the Flag, etc. The games can be chosen by the referee, a player, or by spinning the Circle of Games wheel. For these games to be effective, and for everyone to have an enjoyable time, the following rules must be kept. Any blatant or excessive violation of these rules may result in being pulled from a game or being asked to leave without a refund.

Be honest

If you get hit, admit it. If someone else swears they hit you, don’t get into an argument, just take the hit for the team and get them back the next round.

No head shots

While the blasters do not shoot perfectly straight, and head shots do happen by accident, do not intentionally aim for anyone’s head. Head shots do not count as being tagged.

No cussin’

This is a family-friendly operation with a focus on teamwork and building each other up. Negative vibes should be left outside the facility.

Be smart

Don’t run into walls, obstacles, or other players. Don’t hit people with blasters or try to damage the blasters or any other equipment.

Shoes Required

Shoes with good traction are required to maintain stability in the arena. Barefoot or no shoes = no play.


You’re going to find a variety of age groups playing in the arena, from 5 to 95. The Nerf Rival series equipment is designed for 14+ years old, but so long as you can use the equipment safely, we’ll let you. In case the Rival equipment is too difficult, we have smaller blasters that work great for the young’uns. Anyone eight years old or younger (or those acting like a child) will need to use the full Nerf face mask while all others will use standard safety glasses.

Come in at any time during our public hours or reserve an arena or the whole facility during non-public hours. Either before arriving or after arriving, every participant will need to sign a waiver to play. The armory quartermaster will help everyone get assigned to a team, assign equipment, and go over the basic rules of play, then you’ll be led into the arena.

Come as a group or come individually, everyone can join in the fun at any time. Once your time is up you or your group will be called out and the equipment returned to the quartermaster.

One of the reasons why we specialize in Nerf Rival series equipment is they use soft, round balls.  You can feel it when you get hit, but it doesn’t hurt or leave a mark.  We like to think of this is having all of the tactical fun of paintball without the splatter or pain. Now everyone can enjoy indoor tactical recreation!

Sure, bring your own equipment that uses the Rival balls or standard Nerf darts, which will be tagged to make sure you take the right blaster home with you. We’ll take care of the ammo. Each blaster will be inspected to make sure no modifications have been added that can cause harm to others.

Cake, ice cream, and pizza can be brought in for party reservations or use our catering services*. We have snacks and drinks available for purchase at the arena.

* 24 hour notice required

Galactic Tag is a sport played across the universe. As the highest quality arenas are identified, they are added to the map of existing Galactic Tag arenas and broadcast throughout the Blaster Universe Broadcast System (BUBS.) Creatures from all over the local galaxy, and those from a bit farther away, congregate to play. On Earth, some of the BUBS signals have reached the ear of the original inhabitants of the planet, who had left in their own spaceships long ago to avoid a catastrophic fate. These signals have awakened the dinosaur’s desire to come back to their home planet and they will stop at nothing to reclaim their old lands. Extraterrestrial beings have learned to work around these dinosaur annoyances, and in some cases will confront them directly (NOT ADVISED!!) Dinosaurs are near impossible to defeat with standard blasters and may require excessive hits before doing any type of damage.

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